April Mason is the friendly face that you may see smiling back at you on the screen when you visit your local Pen Air LIVE machine. You know she often happily serves you – but there’s something you may not know about April. She also serves young children and families throughout the community through foster care.

April and her husband are licensed foster parents through the United Methodist Children’s Home. As a licensed foster home, The Masons support children in need by taking them into their homes and providing them with a stable and loving environment.

“As a foster parent, I take in these children and treat them as my own. Our foster children are afforded the opportunities to participate in sports, social events, vacations and many other things they may not have had access to in the past.”

April’s passion for helping children and families stems from a childhood that was rich in love and adventure. However, her family lost her baby sister to cancer at a very young age which led to a family strain that caused April to miss out on opportunities that other children had.

“As an adult I can provide more than enough for my family, so I feel a need to share our wealth by helping children that come from hard places.”

April finds joy in showing children how a loving environment should be. Making a lasting impression and preparing children for the life experiences to come is what fuels her Communerosity Spirit.

“It is a special moment when a child is reunited with their family who has worked very hard to succeed and regain custody of them.”

Those around April admire her courage for fostering children. She often hears “oh, I could never be a foster parent. I would get too attached.”

“I tell them that you have to look at the big picture. If we did not step up to help these children in need then who will? Where would these children go? Back into the toxic environment they came from? I understand getting attached – I get attached – but I also understand that these children need a safe home more than I need to worry about my feelings.”

April sets a shining example for her co-workers and members. Those around her are inspired by her willingness to open her heart and her home to children in need.

Last year, one of her peers nominated her to receive a “Random Opportunity of Recognition,” which is an award given to show gratitude to our employees that go above and beyond to enhance lives here at Pen Air and within the community.

April’s co-worker Heather, who nominated her for the award, shared that she couldn’t think of a person more deserving than April for her selfless acts of Communerosity. We couldn’t agree more.

You can learn more about fostering local children or other ways to get involved at www.umch.net/foster-care.html.