We are always looking for ways to enhance your life by providing convenient hours, new technology, and exceptional service. So, in 2015, we introduce our Pen Air LIVE technology (Live Interactive Video Experience) to encompass all these focuses – and we’re so happy to hear how much you love it!

Convenience is Pen Air LIVE’s middle name, and it’s clear that the LIVE machines are truly enhancing your life. Here are the top 3 reasons why you said you love Pen Air LIVE:

  1. Convenience

There are so many convenient features of the LIVE machines, but let’s start with the extended hours. These machines are open 7 am to 7 pm Monday thru Friday, and 9 am to 1 pm on Saturdays — allowing you more time to do your banking. They also serve as an ATM 24/7, accepting your deposits. With 25 LIVE locations, you can do your banking without having to step inside a branch location (and at most locations not even leave your car), but still have the same personalized service you’ve come to expect. Gone are the days of having to worry about getting the kids in the car and into the branch before 5:00 pm.

  1. Service

Speaking of personalized service, our LIVE tellers provide you the same excellent member service you experience inside the branch, but through a two-way video chat directly on a screen. You simply touch the screen to begin your transaction. You can get to know the LIVE staff, see their smiling faces, and find out why they love working at Pen Air here (link to page).

  1. Technology

We know that having quick access to your funds whether you are depositing cash, or a check is very important. With our LIVE technology, we’re making it easier, so you have your money when you need it. These machines can do about 95% of your typical teller transactions – deposits, withdrawals, payments, and transfers. It can dispense coins, it just cannot accept them.

Learn more, meet the staff, and even watch a video tutorial to see how it works at penair.org/PenAirLIVE.

We loved reading the comments from our Pen Air LIVE selfie contest!

I love the Live Teller with Pen Air. I have not seen it anywhere that I have banked! Technology rules!

I love the live tellers….I can do my banking anytime and I don’t need to worry about having to have an envelope. Love them!

Thank you, Kayla at Pen Air on Airport! Always the best service no matter which location or time of day.

Omg!! Best ATM’s ever!! I have a VERY busy work schedule and knowing that I can deposit checks and cash anytime day or night — Awesomeness!!! I ❤ Pen Air!!

First time using the machine it’s so new to me but the people with the Pen Air Live are so nice.

I love this teller ATM. It is so convenient. Sometimes I can’t make it all the way to the bank to make a deposit. This being right by my house – it’s amazing. The tellers that always help me are always so sweet. Thanks again.

I love the fact that I can make an electronic deposit after 5pm and still have my money available soon after.

I love that there are convenient machines just 2 blocks from my work. I can go on my lunch and run in and out and have no problems!

I LOVE Pen Air Live because I can do everything I need to do without taking my newborn out of the car. I also still get the great customer service I was accustomed to from a live teller. Kudos on being innovative.

I love never having to go inside the bank. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE that you can get multiple of $5s.

Love the convenience of the PAL’s and the smiling faces, especially, Kayla!

We like the Pen Air live teller because we can do our daily deposits after regular business hours.

I love the live ATM because it’s quick and easy!!!

Love getting the weekend started depositing a check with the PAL and speaking to the smiling Mary.

I love the convenience of a teller at ATM so you never have to walk in a bank.

Love that they are there 7-7! Best bank ever!

I love coming to the Pen Air Live teller because you can deposit your money or check whatever time you like, and if you need any help you can request a live teller. Thank you, Pen Air, for the live teller.

So easy and convenient!

Tell us what you love about Pen Air LIVE in the comments!