What is a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)? A HELOC gives you access to a sizable pool of cash, usually up to about 85% of your home’s value, less the balance remaining on your mortgage and adjusted based on your credit and ability to pay.

After closing on a HELOC, we ask our members to fill out a testimony card that asks “what dreams are you able to fulfill with this loan?” Some of the answers have really impressed us through the years. Did you know that you could use your HELOC to consolidate credit card debt? The options are endless! We want to share some of our members’ awesome testimonials with you!

  • “With this loan, I will be able to get my mom into her new place finally.” – Member Mrs. Roberts
  • “I have a financial safety net and I’m thinking about that patio I’ve been wanting to build…” – Member Ms. Autry
  • This will pay off the personal loan I just got for my A/C. Gotta have A/C in this city!” – Member Mr. Plaxico
  • “We’re paying off our pool loan!” – Member Eric
  • “This loan will enable me to retire at 60 instead of 65!” – Member Suzanne
  • “We are going on a motorcycle adventure this summer!” – Member Gale
  • “We are making our kids’ dreams come true without student loan debt.” – Members David & Linda
  • “Our family can finally purchase a waterfront lot.” – Members Santino & Misti
  • “We will be able to take the kids on vacation!” – Member Tonya
  • “I am enhancing our property’s value with renovations.” – Unknown Member
  • “I am able to pay for nursing school with Pen Air’s Home Equity Line of Credit!” – Member Korey
  • “I was able to remodel our master bedroom.” – Unknown Member
  • “We’re installing a pool and screen enclosure for our family to enjoy.” – Members Jake & Sheila
  • “Debt consolidation! We’re saving tons of money by paying less interest.” – Members Chris & Brandy
  • “I purchased a fishing boat and went on a cruise with my family!” – Member Kenneth
  • “We’re paying off a huge American Express bill.” – Members Albert & Julia
  • “I paid my truck off and retiled my house. I have wanted to do this for a long time!” – Member John
  • “We are paying off our Home Equity with Wells Fargo.” – Member Robert
  • “We are getting new windows for our house and paying off a high interest rate RV loan.” – Member Richard
  • “Home improvements so that we can become foster parents.” – Member J.
  • “I’m getting a much needed hot tub!” – Member Carol
  • “I’m paying off my education loans and saving for a boat fund!” – Member Elizabeth
  • “We are getting a new roof and now we have a comfortable safety net in case something else should arise!” – Members Jennifer & Kirk
  • “With Pen Air’s help, I am making our home hurricane secure.” – Unknown Member
  • “With this Home Equity loan, I am able to do a major kitchen remodel with new floors, cabinets, and counters. I am also switching from electric to natural gas.” – Member Jonathan

From new patios to paying off high interest loans, Pen Air wants to help turn your dreams into plans. Visit penair.org/HomeEquity to apply for your Home Equity Line of Credit today!