Yes, your Pen Air Mastercard® Debit Card makes it super-easy to make purchases and get cash practically anywhere. But did you know it can also put some cash back in your pocket?

With the Purchase Rewards program, you’ll get cash back when you make purchases at many of the places you usually shop. The program is a totally free benefit, yours as a Pen Air Federal Credit Union member. So, if you’re not cashing in on your Purchase Rewards, we’d like to help you get started.

No clipping, just clicking

The beauty of Purchase Rewards is that you don’t need coupons, key tags, or special codes to get your cash back. What you DO need to do is go online and log in to your online banking account.

When you log in to your account, you’ll see all the offers currently available to you—including offers from select retailers where you’ve recently made purchases. Just click on the offers you like and they’re loaded onto your card. It’s easy—Watch this demo to see how it works.

The magic happens at checkout.

Fast-forward to your next shopping trip: If you’ve got a valid Purchase Rewards offer on your card, you’ll redeem the offer automatically just by making a qualifying purchase. (You don’t even need to remember the offer’s there!) At the end of the month, all the cash you’ve earned back will be deposited into your account.

It gets better when you go mobile.

Can’t get to a computer to load your card with Purchase Rewards? Download the Pen Air Mobile App and you can get the latest rewards even while you’re out shopping:

  • Access all your offers.
  • Activate new offers when and where you want to redeem them.
  • Even get directions to the nearest store—now that’s what we call instant gratification!

There’s no reason NOT to use your Purchase Rewards—and we have a feeling that once you try the program, you’ll keep your card loaded with the latest offers.

Want to know more? You can read the Purchase Rewards FAQ here, or call Pen Air at 850.505.3200.