“There is nothing more satisfying than having the opportunity to give.” For Pen Air Member Advisor Trevor Green, giving has been a lifelong passion rooted in family and faith. “My parents taught me to always put others first, and to always humble myself and be a servant before all else. I believe that deep down, every person has the desire to serve others, to put others’ needs before their own, and build better relationships and better communities.”

Having lived in the region much of his life, Trevor recognizes opportunities all around him to serve others – and does all he can to act on them. He told us about three of his favorite organizations: “At Prodisee Pantry, I pack food boxes for people who have found themselves in situations of poverty and hunger. I’ve also been able to serve with some of my Pen Air co-workers, assisting people shopping through the bank for their groceries – pushing their carts, interviewing recipients, and packing boxes.”One person’s far-reaching commitment

“As a volunteer in the Baldwin County schools, I mentor students, helping them with their studies, learning from situations they’re dealing with in school, or just being there as someone to talk to.”

“And through my church, City Hope Church, I’ve been able to volunteer in many different ways. Each quarter, we have “Serve Day,” part of SERVOLUTION – a movement in churches throughout the globe, growing the heart of service exponentially, and truly serving the world. On this day, we go out into our communities and serve others in many different ways. Some of us cut lawns and do landscaping, or paint and do upkeep of schools. Others spend time with residents of elderly care centers, or spend the day with a bag of quarters at the laundromat, paying for patrons’ laundry loads.”

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Giving is “living life with joy”

Trevor’s generosity shines through brightly in his words and actions. “There is nothing more satisfying than having the opportunity to give. It’s such a much bigger blessing to give than to receive. Grabbing hold of that truth is more than satisfaction; it’s living life with joy.”

Small acts can have big impacts.

Trevor believes in the Communerosity spirit in all of us. “You’re really never too busy, and it’s really never too hard. Start with something small, like paying for the person behind you in the Starbucks line. If you take an hour lunch break, spend 30 minutes taking some cold bottles of water to construction or landscape workers nearby. Things like that. And do them with joy!”

“What some may see as the smallest things can have some of the biggest impacts on the community and even the world,” encourages Trevor. “You’ll start to grow in the things you do – you’ll do more, you’ll volunteer more, you’ll give more, and as you do that, the impact just keeps growing, and the result is a better community, and a better world.”

We all want a better world. Thank you, Trevor, for doing your part – and inspiring us all!