Most area kids will go back to school around August 10 to 14 (depending on district). And before they do, parents, grandparents, and caregivers will get a nice gift from the state of Florida: a three-day sales tax holiday weekend from Friday, August 4 through Sunday, August 6.

With no state sales tax, you keep 6% in your pocket.

Make your back-to-school shopping list now, and be on the lookout for back-to-school sales to really stretch your dollars. Here’s how you and your family can save during Florida’s Sales Tax Holiday:

School Supplies

Plain and simple: You’ll pay no state sales tax on single items priced up to $15.00. So from spiral notebooks to sticky notes, nearly all over your school supply list is covered. (Hint: Grab some posterboard to have handy for those “last minute” projects—you know they’ll pop up.)

Clothing, Shoes and Certain Accessories

Gotta have new back-to-school outifts—and there’ll be no state sales tax on any items priced up to $60.

Computers and Certain Related Accessories

Have you been waiting to splurge? Desktops, laptops and tablets priced $750 or less will be tax-free.

Save Online, Too.

Even if your items arrive after the tax holiday, you should not be charged if you click to purchase from August 4 through 6.

Put Those Coupons To Work.

You can apply coupons or use buy-one-get-one-free promotions to get your purchases below the tax-free thresholds.

You guessed it: Some restrictions apply.

It’s important to know that the tax holiday rules apply to items priced within the maximum amounts noted above. In other words, if you purchase an $800 computer, the entire price is taxable (as opposed to just the $50 above the $750 minimum).

Computers and computer-related accessories must be purchased for home use, not for a business.

Sales tax will still apply to purchases made in theme parks, entertainment complexes, hotels and airports.

*** If you’re not sure your purchase is tax-free, just ask at the store.

For complete information about Florida’s 2017 Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday, visit the Florida Department of Revenue’s website. Happy shopping, and happy saving!